Instant Tax Service Franchise Business Chance

Instant Tax Service was your brain child of Fez Ogbazion around 2000. Ogbazion started his first tax business, Instant Refund Tax Service, just like a college student from Ethiopia in 1994. It elevated to own a lot of locations and numerous clients before he offered the organization to Jackson Hewitt in 1999. While using proceeds from the purchase, Ogbazion gone after Dayton, Ohio and founded Instant Tax Service. By 2004, he’d over 100 offices in many states and began franchising. They presently have over 1,200 US franchise locations concentrating on professional tax preparation, expedited refunds, and loans for anticipated refund loans. They offer the advantage of either local or online filing options. They are still headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and so are seeking new franchise locations nationwide.

Instant Tax Service franchises are available exclusive territories. This reduces any potential competition between franchises but furthermore limits the master with a specific region. Based on where you stand, you need to decide if this describes a good or bad situation. Start-up costs will change in line with the cost of acquiring (purchase or lease) commercial workplace. The estimate on costs is roughly $40,000 to $90,000, having a franchise fee of $34,000. There is a ongoing royalty fee of 20%, that could convey a healthy dent for your primary point here so ensure to supply this proper consideration. The very first agreement term is 5 years which is renewable within the finish in the term. In-house financing from the beginning-up costs and products are available and there is the very least internet worth reliance on $10,000. You don’t have to possess tax preparation experience.

Most Instant Tax Service franchises are owner-operated but it is unnecessary. Most franchisees own several location. Training and support is supplied with the parent company, as they are co-op and regional advertising. Additional information might be acquired by contacting the business headquarters.

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